Click below to install and activate WWW.AVG.COM/RETAIL


www.avg.com/retail – www.avg.com/registration – Activate AVG antivirus

Enter the URL www.avg.com/retail and activate AVG antivirus set up on your computer. AVG has its name because of its advanced security features that serve full virus scan to devices using avg.com/retail . Within time AVG Technologies has developed multiple security features such as AVG VPN or AVG TuneUp, which user can activate through www.avg.com/activation URL. AVG software is compatible with PC, Windows (all version), laptop, Mac, Smartphone, and Mobile phone (Android & iPhone). For better security and strong antivirus shield, AVG software needs to be updated from time to time. (visit www.avg.com/retail to update).


Visit avg.com/retail and purchase the subscription of AVG antivirus to secure your data from threats. Download AVG and then Install avg with license number through www.avg.com/registration . Here you must create an AVG account by visiting AVG my account the page. Then you can install avg with license number by entering the AVG activation code at www.avg.com/activation .To install the AVG software according to your compatibility, you can take a look at each AVG product such as AVG internet security, AVG antivirus free, AVG Secure VPN for PC, AVG Ultimate, AVG Antivirus for Mac & android, AVG TuneUp, and AVG cleaner for android.

www.avg.com/registration – AVG Registration and Activation

Visit www.avg.com/registration , register AVG account at AVG my account , download AVG software, and enter AVG activation code. Further, activate it at www.avg.com/activation . AVG offers a subscription-based antivirus program that can buy for a 1 or 2-years subscription from the URL www.avg.com/retail and can secure multiple devices with this subscription.

How do I Turn on Avg?

Downloaded AVG antivirus through the avg.com/retail page can be quickly turn on Avg on your computer. Follow the below steps to turn on AVG setup:

  • To turn on Avg, you need to open the AVG software. 
  • You can search it on your start menu, and once you find the setup, click twice on the AVG icon. 
  • Now it will open the AVG management console, which is generally used to know as AVG Zen. 
  • Check the top-right corner of the screen there you will see CONNECT button, click on it.
  • Go to login by clicking the LOG IN TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT button.
  • Here you must type your email address and the password.
  • Click OK.
  • Go to the control panel and on the AVG setup, Click the Change or Change/Remove button.
  • Now select repair, install avg with license number, and restart your computer. 

What is www.avg.com/retail ?

www.avg.com/retail is a URL or platform where one can download and activate AVG software. It works similarly to all of the AVG products, such as AVG internet security, AVG Ultimate, or AVG TuneUp. User can also get subscription packages here according to need. Activating AVG can also be done at www.avg.com/activation where the user needs to enter the AVG activation code. 

How to redeem the AVG activation code?

Redeem AVG activation code from the retail card or email and enter it at avg.com/retail . Then you may activate and install avg with license number through www.avg.com/registration . You can visit nearby AVG store or purchase it online. If you get a retail card, then scratch it from the backside to redeem the AVG activation code. That may look like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. If you bought the 25-alphanumeric key online, then check your email to redeem it and then copy-paste this key at www.avg.com/activation to activate AVG. 

Download and Install AVG With License Number 


Reach the URL avg.com/retail to download and Install AVG With License Number the AVG antivirus. Before downloading the AVG, check the basic requirements of Avg, which should meet your device. Follow the steps to Install AVG With License Number –

Step 1: Register AVG account at AVG my account 

  • Visit the URL  www.avg.com/registration Go to the page named as Login to AVG MY ACCOUNT and tap on AVG LOGIN
  • In the case of an existing account, Sign in with AVG LOGIN 
  • If you do not have an AVG account, then create a new account and register it with email and password.
  • To get the subscription of AVG antivirus to go through avg.com/retail

Step 2: download avg software from www.avg.com/retail    

  • Once you log in with the AVG account, visit www.avg.com/retail or search AVG products on the same page.
  • Choose the AVG products and subscriptions that your device needs to download.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD tab. 

Step 3: Install AVG with license number

  • Open the AVG folder setup location that you downloaded through avg.com/retail 
  • Click on AVG setup and select RUN INSTALLATION
  • Once you choose to install it, the setup installation will start.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instruction by tapping YES/I AGREE.

Step 4: Activate AVG antivirus setup

  • During the AVG software installation, copy and enter the AVG activation code in the appeared box.  
  • After entering 25 string AVG activation code, Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click Next/ Yes/ Accept
  • Restart the device to run the AVG better 
  • click on the AVG icon, and then you can activate or reactivate AVG antivirus if you require it.

How to activate AVG Internet Security?

www.avg.com/retail or www.avg.com/activation to activate AVG Internet Security. Here you must enter the license number, and then you can install avg with license number and activate. Follow the below steps to activate AVG Internet Security :

  • Go to the start menu and Open AVG Zen.
  • Check the top of the window and Click CONNECT
  • In the case of the existing Zen Network, connect it with Zen Network. If its not, then Click Create a new Zen Network.
  • Enter the AVG MyAccount login details like email and password.
  • Click on the Connect tab, and now AVG Zen will recognize your subscription.
  • Now your AVG Internet Security will be activated.

www.avg.com activation
www.avg.com activation

Does AVG protect against hackers?

www.avg.com/retail – Avg is an antivirus program that protects data and files from each malware. Once you download AVG software through avg.com/retail and install avg with license number , then it offers the guarantee to secure your device from hackers as well as from data stealers. It protects online and offline both files from decryption by hackers.